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New Technology Philosophy – Wait!

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Here at GadgetRx we are all about technology. And while we stay up to date on all the latest phones, iPads, tablets, and game systems that are released, we don’t always advocate buying them immediately. The truth is, many new products are put on the market before thorough testing and research is completed. This reality often leaves consumers with glitchy, malfunctioning, or overall obsolete products. Even though we are as excited as the next tech geek for new and updated products, we highly recommend waiting a few months before going out to get it. There are many reasons why we stand by this philosophy, below are 5 examples:



Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death (RROD)

RRODDeemed a “general hardware failure” by Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, the problem is still plaguing Xbox owners everywhere. Attributed to inadequate testing prior to the console’s releases, three flashing lights on the power button leave the game system unusable. This problem was so wide spread that in 2007, Microsoft announced a three-year warranty for customers experiencing any “general hardware failure”. Every day we see a steady stream of people coming into our store to repair the RROD and other hardware problems. While we inform all customers of this warranty through Microsoft, most report that jumping through all the hoops required to redeem it is too much of a hassle – if just impossible.

3D TVs

3D-TV Remember when in home 3D TVs were advertised as the coolest new piece of technology in the history of the world? Yeah, we almost forgot about that too. Although the fad was  short lived, hundreds of thousands of people rushed out to buy the new (and expensive) TVs and glasses. After purchasing it, however, most customers reported that they rarely (if ever) using the the 3D feature. While some of this was a result of eye strain, headaches, and nausea caused by the glasses, most of it was due to the fact that there was not a demand for the technology in the first place. Despite all this, however, companies continued to push 3D TVs though deals, discounts, and marketing campaigns before the technology finally diapered from commercials and headlines.


Nintendo Wii controllers


In 2006, gamers were smashing TVs, windows, and everything in between when straps on the Wii remote suddenly snapped on players in mid game (YOUTUBE EXAMPLE HERE).  In addition to a number of assaults on innocent bystanders, a few different lawsuits were filled against the company for the faulty product. These issues lead the makers of Nintendo  Wii to come up with a thicker and sturdier wrist strap for later controllers, and provided free upgrades to those who already purchased the system. And while the game system itself proved to be a success, many could have avoided these problems by waiting a few months for the initial kinks to be worked.


NetBooks and Smartbooks.netbook

Never heard of them? That’s not surprising. Introduced in 2007, the Netbook offered a brand new ideal: a lightweight portable gadget that connected to the Internet and could do just about anything a real laptop could! And while this technology was praised for it’s abilities and conveniences, it was knocked out of the market in 2010 when iPads were introduced.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plusbendgate

Ignoring all the software and functioning glitches associated with the release of the new iPhone 6, the basic structure of the phone created a lot of buzz all over social media. Many new iPhone customers reported bent, curved, and all together broken phones . While Apple insists that this problem is “extremely rare”, the popular hashtag #bendgate (and numerous people who’ve come into GadgetRx with the issue) lead us to believe that Apple is grossly under exaggerating the phenomenon. If Apple’s history has shown us anything, we foresee updated casing for the iPhone 6 in the the next few months or so.


In Summary

Progress and innovation in the technology world is always fun and exciting. However, jumping on the latest gadget bandwagon too soon sometimes leaves consumers with glitchy and obsolete products. It is because of this, we strongly suggest waiting a bit before buying the latest gadget. And while we standby this philosophy, we continue to stay up-to-date on the latest issues and solutions for those who do not subscribe to it. Because in the end, we all know how exciting the latest phone or game system release can be, and how hard it is not stop yourself from getting it immediately.cartman