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iPhone Gadgets You’ll Love

iphone gadgetsIf you have an iPhone, chances are, you’re obsessed. Most of us keep our entire lives in our phones these days, and some of us get to the point where that amazing “pocket computer” might as well be one of our body parts. And really, why not? The evolution of the iPhone has eliminated the need for so many items we considered commonplace in the not so distant past, like notebook planners, calendars, even landlines and wrist watches. Even though plenty of us still love these material items, they are more of a novelty than a necessity, thanks to the iPhone.

So naturally, what do we need next? Anything to make our iPhones even cooler. Check out these awesome accessories for iPhones that will blow your mind, make you laugh, and of course, make your life even easier.

The iFan. Are you always hot? This awesome little fan that plugs into your iPhone will keep your hands cool, no matter where you are.

The iRing. In case the notifications aren’t enough to remind you of all your important events, this iPhone gadget takes it a step further with a light-up ring that syncs with your calendar.

The iCam. Of course there is a camera built into your iPhone, but if you’re a photography lover, this add-on camera lens will let you keep up with your passion for photos with that “vintage” feel of a camera.

The iLock. Yes, it’s a padlock for your iPhone. This gadget keeps your info even safer than usual with a Bluetooth padlock you can use an app to unlock.

The iDrunk. This iPhone accessory keeps your smartphone both stylish and safe by providing your BAC through innovative smartphone technology. This one may come in handy for you and your friends to help you stay safe during a night out.

New Gadget “SoundBrake” Helps You Tune Into Important Noises

Ever get so caught up in a game or working with your headphones on that you miss the everyday sounds happening in real life, like your phone ringing or a knock on the door? Yes, it happens to the best of us. So can a new gadget help with this common tech problem?

Sundae Electronics has a solution. They have created SoundBrake, a cool and helpful new device that actually alerts you if there’s an important sound that you are tuning out. SoundBrake creates an outside volume alert level that is higher than the average background noise. For example, if you put a fan on, the volume alert would be higher than the consistency of the fan. Check out this video courtesy of Sundae Electronics on YouTube to learn more about how Soundbrake works:

This project is on the crowd funding site Kickstarter right now to raise funds to get SoundBrake from concept to production. Think you could benefit from something like this? Check out SoundBrake on Kickstarter to support this new gadget and make it a reality.

Apple Museum Displays Largest Private Gadgets Collection

An Apple Museum just opened up in Prague, and it is the home to the largest collection of Apple gadgets ever.

The gadgets on display in the revolutionary Apple Museum were collected from 1976-2012, and are now showcased in this exceptional museum in Prague. The outside of the building is decorated with wise words from Steve Jobs, unique photos of gadgets, and this great quote that sums up Apple in a few words:

“Three apples changed the world. The first tempted Eve, the second inspired Newton, and the third was offered to the world half eaten by Steve Jobs.”

The amazing gadgets collection inside the Apple Museum includes some lesser-known technology products by Apple, such as the Apple camera and the special edition Beatles iPod box set. In addition, you can find extremely rare gadgets such as the Apple Lisa, a PC designed in the early 1980s and is one of only 100,000 ever made.

Visiting Prague any time soon? You can get tickets to the Apple Museum from their website. You’ll also find information about the museum’s origin, a 3D tour, facts about Steve Jobs and his lifestyle, and gadgets available for future purchase. If you want to check out photos from the Apple Museum online, visit the Imgur collection here.

apple museum

Together, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak completely changed the world of technology, and the world in general, by revolutionizing the way we think and use all of our gadgets, from our PCs to phones and music.

The Apple Museum is an incredible display of innovation. With 472 private exhibits, museum guides in eight different languages, and infinite information on Apple gadgets and why they revolutionized technology and the world, this landmark is surely of bucket list status for any technology lovers all over the world.


Computer Repair: Keep Your Laptop Running Smoothly

computer repair long islandIf you’re like most of us, your laptop is one of the most important things you own – especially if you use it for work. When you need a computer repair, it can bring your life to a complete halt. If you do need a quick, inexpensive fix, call Gadget Rx at 516-379-7979 – we know computer issues are all-too-common, and we offer professional solutions at a great rate.

But there are some preventative measures you can take to be sure your laptop stays in working order. Keep these essential tips in mind to avoid common issues.

1. Remove dust and debris. Dust and other debris accumulating on your keyboard can get into your computer’s vents, causing issues in how your laptop operates. Be sure to clean it regularly.

2. Keep it cool. Overheating is a major problem that can cause a complete melt-down of your hard drive. To prevent overheating, keep your laptop in a cool place and avoid storing it in excessive heat (like your car).

3. Avoid graphic-intense programs. Unless your computer is specifically made for gaming, watching movies or playing games constantly can heat up the graphic chip, which can eventually detach. If you want to use your laptop for gaming, invest in a laptop that’s created for it.

Tips like these will help your computer stay running up to speed as best as possible. If you need a fix, call Gadget Rx at 516-379-7979 today.