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How To: Back Up and Clear Data before Selling Cell Phones and Tablets

Here at GadgetRx, we are in the business of recycling old phone, laptops, tablets, iPads, and game systems. When we buy our customers old phones, we get a lot of questions about about privacy and security concerns. Because we use technology for just about everything, most of us have quite a bit of personal information on our phones – address, credit card information, passwords, dirty pictures…the list goes on.

Though we always respect the privacy of all our customers, we understand why people are concerned. So before you come sell your old gadget to us, here are a few tips

Back up and Clear Your Data

If your gadget works, it’s very easy to erase all your history and personal information before you sell/trade/recycle. But before you go erasing everything, you want to make sure you data is backed up. While we are happy to help you with this, below are two links that will walk you through it:

iPhone and iPad Back Up

Android Back Up

Now that everything is backed up (we can double check this if you’d like) you want to start getting rid of your personal history.

iPhone Users

For you Iphone users, clearing your data is pretty simple. Once you have backed up your phone, follow these simple steps to erase everything on your phone:

> Click Settings on your home screen 
> General
> Scroll down and click Reset
> Click Erase All Content and Settings and enter password

Once you confirm, your iPhone will show the Apple logo and a progress bar. It can take a few minutes to several hours based on the version of your iPhone and the amount of data you have on it. Make sure you phone is fully charged before you begin this process 


Unlink/Unregister your iPhone:

To be on the safe side, you should unlink and unregister your phone. Programs like Pandora and dropbox are notorious for staying linked even after a users erase all contents and settings.

>Go to: https://supportprofile.apple.com/MySupportProfile.do and log in

>Click Edit Products

>Click on the “X” to the right of any products

>Click Unregister

Android Users

For android users, there is an extra step in the erasing process that many don’t due. Sure, maybe it’s a little overcautious, but the two extra minuets is worth the extra peace of mind. To make sure EVERYTHING is safe, we suggest customers encrypt all of their data. That means that if someone wants to see something that was left on your phone, they will  need your password to access it (iPhones do this automatically)

To encrypt your data, go to:

>Click Settings on your home screen

> Click Security

 >Click Encrypt Device 

 > You also have the option to encrypt your the SD card. Only do this if you plan on selling your sim card along with your phone

android encrypt

*Note* some androids might be a little different. If so, go to youtube and enter: “[phone type] Encrypt data”

Once you have successfully encrypted your phone, perform a factory data reset. This will erase all the data in your phone.

>Click Settings

>Click Back up and Reset

 > Click Factory Data Reset

 >Click Reset Phone

factory data reset

The iPhone 5s and 5c: Rumormill Roundup

The Next iPhone: What we know


It looks like the rumor mill is once again full with news regarding the upcoming release of the newest iPhone from Apple. With all the rumors circulating about the next iPhone what do we know is and isn’t coming? Nothing is set in stone until the announcement meeting on September 10th. However, let’s see if we can iron some details out.

The iPhone 5C (color)

iphone 5c color

Of all the rumors following the “low cost” iPhone is the fact that it will be available in an array of different colors (similar to the latest iPod Touch). Due to all the leaked assembly line pictures it is also safe to assuming that it will be available in the following colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White/Black. This color change will not only allow Apple to further accessorize the iPhone but it will create a new “custom” factor that has been missing from the iPhone shopping experience. It is expected that the 5c will take the place of a current model sold by apple or carve itself a new tier on the Apple line up. In all likely hood Apple will replace the current 5 with the 5c and offer the 5s at a higher premium price point.

The iPhone 5S


The new flagship device from Apple will be the upgrade for the current 5, labeled as a “5s”. The biggest improvement aside from iOS7 will be the inclusion of an alleged “fingerprint scanner” to unlock the device. The scanner will be a replacement for the iconic home button that has been a part of every Apple iPhone since its inception in 2007. While this could be unnerving for the die hard apple fan, it appears as if this will be the new devices major selling point.

The biggest departure from the normal aside from removing the home button is the likely addition of a gold color to the iPhone lineup. The iPhone has traditionally come in either White or Black. This third color option appears to give Apple the ability to reintroduce the iPhone 5s as a premium device, especially when compared to the low cost 5c. While only renders have been shown so far of the alleged new color it is almost certain that Apple will add the champagne/gold option.

The final upgrade swirling around is a new camera option. Rumored to be in the 12-14 megapixel range and having a wider viewing angle. Along with the upgraded camera Specs internally, the inclusion of a new dual LED flash should make low light shots much more vibrant. There also also some rumblings regarding the dual LED flash that shows 2 separate color LED’s within the flash itself. That would potentially allow for the camera flash to use the proper color LED for whichever scene you are shooting in. Not only would this allow for more accurate lighting of pictures but for better color reproduction.

 Apple reinvents itself

The biggest upgrade regarding the upcoming Apple event is the welcome addition of ios7 to all current and announced iPhones. Let’s face it, iOS hasn’t aged well, and this update is a major and important one for Cupertino. Apple claims this is the “biggest update yet” to any of its devices. The biggest change, by far is the design. It’s big, bright and vibrant, seemingly miles away from the current version of ios. Other improvements are less noted, such as the ability for users to multitask, sort of.  Apple says that apps can now try to predict when you’re about to use them, and automatically update in the background so that you don’t have to wait. Apple is also giving its users the much needed ability to quick way to toggle settings. By swiping up from the bottom of the screen users will now be able to set brightness, wifi and other such settings without having to delve into the settings app.

We can’t say for sure what any new hardware from Apple will look like, but one thing’s absolutely certain: Brace yourselves Apple fans, change is coming.