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Gamer News: Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education: A Gamer’s World for Learning


When gamers open the popular game Minecraft, Microsoft doesn’t simply wish for them to explore dark caverns, limitless moors, and digitally generated mountains. Truthfully, Microsoft’s intention is to let kids explore real locations of the historical world – in virtual form.

These realistic historical recreations like Pompeii, the pyramids of Giza, and Greek temples are just a few of the locations they will study over the course of the game. To begin the journey towards learning about these historical structures through the game, Microsoft is right now developing Minecraft Edu, a brand new model of Minecraft that is custom-made for education.

The largest modifications are for educators, mainly, rather than the students taking part in the game.  For now, the adjustments aren’t dramatic. MinecraftEdu is basically the very same Minecraft you have been taking part in for years, with just a few further options geared towards education rather than gaming. These features enhancing Minecraft‘s mapping characteristic so that a class can really discover its approach round, letting educators provide a valuable resource for college kids to make use of, including an in-game digital camera and gallery to gather screenshots of the places you’ve reached during the course of the game. Microsoft emphasized that the strategic decision to keep the modifications minor is because they do not wish to make Minecraft into a straightforward academic product – after all, we all know it as a game first. But even though it’s known as a game, it is a game that has great potential to help students in the classroom and offer an excellent technology option for learning.

The success of MinecraftEdu could relaxation on one other massive piece of Microsoft’s announcement: it is also launching an internet site meant to be a place for educators to submit Minecraft worlds and lesson plans that go along with them. There are already a few sites up. One features a map of ancient Japan to provide a learning resource for Japanese poetry, while another contains huge molecules that students can explore. Children will not be fixing puzzles or taking quizzes in these worlds: Minecraft will simply be an option that allows them to step into historic and scientific settings and gain a greater understanding of what they are being taught.

New Gadget “SoundBrake” Helps You Tune Into Important Noises

Ever get so caught up in a game or working with your headphones on that you miss the everyday sounds happening in real life, like your phone ringing or a knock on the door? Yes, it happens to the best of us. So can a new gadget help with this common tech problem?

Sundae Electronics has a solution. They have created SoundBrake, a cool and helpful new device that actually alerts you if there’s an important sound that you are tuning out. SoundBrake creates an outside volume alert level that is higher than the average background noise. For example, if you put a fan on, the volume alert would be higher than the consistency of the fan. Check out this video courtesy of Sundae Electronics on YouTube to learn more about how Soundbrake works:

This project is on the crowd funding site Kickstarter right now to raise funds to get SoundBrake from concept to production. Think you could benefit from something like this? Check out SoundBrake on Kickstarter to support this new gadget and make it a reality.

The Next Generation of Coders

Fisher Price plans to debut a toy to teach preschoolers to code.

think and learn code-a-pillar fisher price

Photo via Gizmodo.com

It looks like the next generation of coders and tech experts will be way beyond us when it comes to coding, and pretty much every other area of technology. Fisher Price will debut a new toy at this year’s Toy Fair that teaches kids to code at the ripe old age of 3.

According to Fisher Price, kids should be taught the various skills they will need to achieve success in a technology career later in life as early as age 3 or 4. Of course, your child will not be coding websites from scratch – this toy is more about developing the right problem solving skills needed to work on complex tasks like writing HTML.

An Innovative Way to Teach Coding

The innovative new toy design, craftily titled the Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar, will make its debut at Toy Fair this February. The Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar breaks down the various skills needed to write code later in life by having the child apply various “action” and “direction” commands to the different parts of the toy caterpillar’s body. These different commands, which are put in place by the child, then determine how the toy caterpillar will move and rotate around any given space in your child’s room.

This is more than just another toy. In addition to its pioneering method of teaching kids to code, the Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar will connect to an app that develops along with the child, later introducing him or her to more complex computer and technology tasks in the form of age-appropriate games.

So, overall, the Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar might be the most basic form of code academy on the planet – but this new toy design from Fisher Price is definitely something to keep an eye on as it evolves and develops. More toys like this are sure to follow behind the Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar soon enough.

Gadgets for your Kitchen

Whether you’re an amateur in the kitchen or a Master Chef, these kitchen gadgets will make your time in the kitchen a little more fun.

Gadgets have come into play in just about every aspect of our daily lives. That includes gadgets for your home, for the shower, for your car, for working out, and just about any other part of your everyday routine. Gadgets for the kitchen have emerged onto the tech scene in a major way. Check out these awesome gadgets for your kitchen that help you speed up the process of cooking at home.

Silicon Lid with Steamship Design

pot steamshipThe best way to top off your culinary masterpiece in progress. This lid for your crock pot puts some fun into cooking.

Drum Stick Mixing Spoons

drumstick spoonsMultitask while you’re cooking and make your meals even more creative. Check out a fun drum stick / mixing spoon combination kitchen gadget.

Marinade Supplying Meat Tenderizer

meat tenderizerThis awesome meat tenderizer adds in your glaze and tenderizes at the same time. Perfect for lazy cooks!

Kitchen Emergency App

kitchen emergencyNest’s Protect smoke/carbon monoxide detector offers top quality sensors for every kitchen emergency – even though those emergencies make great stories. This kitchen gadget has an app for your phone to alert you of any potential
kitchen problems.

Automatic Pot Stirrer

enhanced-13272-1438190656-2Another great kitchen gadgets for the lazy home cooks out there – this automatic pot stirrer will stir your culinary masterpiece for you! No effort required here.