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PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming

PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming

For decades now, video gamers have been debating over the ultimate gaming console.  In the last few years, Xbox and PlayStation have lead the way with consoles – but many people, including myself, claim that PC gaming is far superior to any console (and it always will be). Here are a few reasons to explain why PC is the “master race” for video gaming.

Why PC Gaming is Superior to Game Consoles

Graphics. Unless you’re a retro gamer, the better the graphics, the better the gaming platform.  Obviously the more clear and realistic looking the game is the better the overall gaming experience.  When a console is made, it cannot use technology that is newer than the release date of that console.  In other words, if a console (such as the Xbox One) comes out on November of 2013, it is limited to the technology that was available on that date.  Even if it used the highest performing parts of that time period, within a few months (if not less) the parts used for the console are obsolete.  Compare this to a PC, which you can always customize and upgrade.  You can update the graphics, the processor, the memory, hard drive space and many other variables that effect the graphics as well as the performance of the device.  It is impossible for a console to have better parts than a PC.

PC Gaming Offers High Quality

Performance. Besides graphics, it’s also important to have smooth performance.  Consistency and a high rate of frames per second or FPS are major factors in the gaming experience.  As discussed in the previous section, PCs are always superior to consoles and if they are not, they have the ability to be improved or upgraded.  The only way a console could have a higher FPS than a PC, is if the graphics or other settings are diminished.  However when comparing the FPS of a game when a console has low settings while a PC has high settings is a biased argument.  You are not comparing the two with all other variables being the same.  When all things are equal, PC will almost always outperform any console.

Unique User Experience

Exclusive Content. Xbox and PlayStation often try to differentiate from each other and secure brand loyalty by offering games that are exclusive to the console.  If you are a Halo fan, you are generally more loyal to Xbox, while if you’re a Destiny fan, you will probably have a PlayStation at your house.  Although both consoles have a handful of exclusives, nothing could compare to the overwhelming amount of exclusives, offered by PC.  Aside from almost 5,000 titles that exist exclusively on the PC, there are tons of browser games which cannot and do not exist on the consoles.  It’s safe and easy to say that PC has over 100 if not 1000 times more exclusive content than its console competitors.

Customizations and Flexibility

Mods. Another amazing factor that makes PC gaming superior is making modifications to games.  Although sometimes PC games are hacked in most cases game developers give gamers some ability to make modifications and customizations to their games.  This not only improves the gaming experience, but also allows users to invent their own games, further increasing the level and amount of exclusive content offered.

Controller Flexibility. Xbox uses Xbox controllers.  PlayStation uses a PlayStation controller.  A PC can use both plus many other variations of controllers including custom ones, joysticks and controllers for systems that are obsolete.  Furthermore you can add emulators to a PC, giving you the ability to play any console game in the history of games.  In fact, you can play multiplayer games where one user uses a PlayStation controller, one person uses an Xbox controller, on person uses a joystick and another person uses a keyboard and mouse.  There’s no debate, the versatility of a computer is much greater than its counterparts.

Larger Gamer Network on PCs

Player Base / Internet Connectivity. Xbox One has sold approximately 20 million consoles worldwide.  PlayStation 3 has sold about 30 million copies worldwide.  There are over 1.2 BILLION PC’s with gaming capabilities.  Out of these 1.2 billion, 700 million play video games online.  This means that there are 14 times more online PC gamers than there are Xbox and PlayStation gamers irrespective of online or not.  Furthermore, consoles can charge an additional fee to play games online and have more issues.

Cost Effective Gaming

Price. Prices take much longer to drop for consoles than they do for PCs.  This can be attributed to battling piracy and more frequent sales.  Also PC games can be sold directly by the game manufacturer instead of going through a retail gadgets store.  In addition to that, gaming platforms like Steam offer sales 4 of more times a year where discounts for games could be as high as 95% off.  In many cases it takes console games more than 5 years to be prices below $20 dollars.

To sum it up, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand the facts – PCs offer options that game consoles simply do not (and never will).


Researchers Discover Invincible Smartphone Battery – By Accident

nanowire batteryIt’s a known fact that batteries for your smartphone, tablet and other devices will eventually lose their power over time – especially if you over-charge them. But what if there was a battery that never lost its charge?

Recently, a study team at the University of California at Irvine created a battery without lithium, which is the component of common batteries that causes power loss over months and years. Instead of lithium, the team used gold nanowire in electrolyte gel as a replacement. The battery was put through over 200,000 charging periods, and battery loss remained at less than 5%. The only catch? The researchers aren’t sure how they did it.

The intention of this research was to find a comparable material to lithium, which is heat and cold sensitive and prone to combustion. They utilized nanowire, which has been called the “dream battery” component due to its surface area having the ability to hold plenty of electricity. Unfortunately, wire tends to disintegrate in the presence of lithium, so it was thought to be impossible, at least for the time being.

During their study, the research team learned that corrosion could be avoided with a blend of different materials. They also learned that lithium could be substituted with electrolyte gel. This creates a protective area around that “dream battery” material, the nanowire, and creates a battery that is essentially invincible.

This accidental test battery is able to withstand hundreds of thousands of charging cycles over many months without any disintegration. So the next time you lose the phone charger in your car, keep in mind there may be a solution coming sooner than you think.

Laptop Repair Checklist

A Checklist for Laptop Repair Safety

laptop repair It’s so easy to purchase new laptops these days, and with the abundance of cost-efficient alternatives available, it is easy to see why a laptop is considered more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

However, it’s inevitable that at some point, your laptop will need some kind of repair. When you send it in for a repair, be sure to prepare your laptop beforehand to make sure your data is secure.

Over time, we gather a lot of information on our computers and we can get careless about security when we are using it day to day. Take some time to check off each item on this list before you send your laptop in for a fix.

Laptop Repair Security Checklist 

1. Remove files that have passwords for your bank accounts, your PIN, and other significant numbers and other details related to your financials that could put your account at risk

2. Clear your cache to remove your stored passwords for email, social networks, etc.

3. Delete pictures and other files that you don’t want anyone to see.

4. Backup all important information to a safe place so you don’t have to worry about it getting deleted or lost accidentally (You should do this on a regular basis in case your hard drive fails or gets corrupted).

When you send your laptop to us for repair, we guarantee the safety of your data and sensitive information. But it’s better to be safe than sorry – some laptop repairs may accidentally cause your information to be removed, despite the most professional efforts. Backing up your information from your laptop hard drive is crucially important. You can rest assured that your laptop is safe with us – we will take all these precautions regardless. But when it comes to the vital data on your laptop, a double-check is never a bad thing.


iPhone Gadgets You’ll Love

iphone gadgetsIf you have an iPhone, chances are, you’re obsessed. Most of us keep our entire lives in our phones these days, and some of us get to the point where that amazing “pocket computer” might as well be one of our body parts. And really, why not? The evolution of the iPhone has eliminated the need for so many items we considered commonplace in the not so distant past, like notebook planners, calendars, even landlines and wrist watches. Even though plenty of us still love these material items, they are more of a novelty than a necessity, thanks to the iPhone.

So naturally, what do we need next? Anything to make our iPhones even cooler. Check out these awesome accessories for iPhones that will blow your mind, make you laugh, and of course, make your life even easier.

The iFan. Are you always hot? This awesome little fan that plugs into your iPhone will keep your hands cool, no matter where you are.

The iRing. In case the notifications aren’t enough to remind you of all your important events, this iPhone gadget takes it a step further with a light-up ring that syncs with your calendar.

The iCam. Of course there is a camera built into your iPhone, but if you’re a photography lover, this add-on camera lens will let you keep up with your passion for photos with that “vintage” feel of a camera.

The iLock. Yes, it’s a padlock for your iPhone. This gadget keeps your info even safer than usual with a Bluetooth padlock you can use an app to unlock.

The iDrunk. This iPhone accessory keeps your smartphone both stylish and safe by providing your BAC through innovative smartphone technology. This one may come in handy for you and your friends to help you stay safe during a night out.