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Gamer News: Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education: A Gamer’s World for Learning


When gamers open the popular game Minecraft, Microsoft doesn’t simply wish for them to explore dark caverns, limitless moors, and digitally generated mountains. Truthfully, Microsoft’s intention is to let kids explore real locations of the historical world – in virtual form.

These realistic historical recreations like Pompeii, the pyramids of Giza, and Greek temples are just a few of the locations they will study over the course of the game. To begin the journey towards learning about these historical structures through the game, Microsoft is right now developing Minecraft Edu, a brand new model of Minecraft that is custom-made for education.

The largest modifications are for educators, mainly, rather than the students taking part in the game.  For now, the adjustments aren’t dramatic. MinecraftEdu is basically the very same Minecraft you have been taking part in for years, with just a few further options geared towards education rather than gaming. These features enhancing Minecraft‘s mapping characteristic so that a class can really discover its approach round, letting educators provide a valuable resource for college kids to make use of, including an in-game digital camera and gallery to gather screenshots of the places you’ve reached during the course of the game. Microsoft emphasized that the strategic decision to keep the modifications minor is because they do not wish to make Minecraft into a straightforward academic product – after all, we all know it as a game first. But even though it’s known as a game, it is a game that has great potential to help students in the classroom and offer an excellent technology option for learning.

The success of MinecraftEdu could relaxation on one other massive piece of Microsoft’s announcement: it is also launching an internet site meant to be a place for educators to submit Minecraft worlds and lesson plans that go along with them. There are already a few sites up. One features a map of ancient Japan to provide a learning resource for Japanese poetry, while another contains huge molecules that students can explore. Children will not be fixing puzzles or taking quizzes in these worlds: Minecraft will simply be an option that allows them to step into historic and scientific settings and gain a greater understanding of what they are being taught.

Computer Repair: Keep Your Laptop Running Smoothly

computer repair long islandIf you’re like most of us, your laptop is one of the most important things you own – especially if you use it for work. When you need a computer repair, it can bring your life to a complete halt. If you do need a quick, inexpensive fix, call Gadget Rx at 516-379-7979 – we know computer issues are all-too-common, and we offer professional solutions at a great rate.

But there are some preventative measures you can take to be sure your laptop stays in working order. Keep these essential tips in mind to avoid common issues.

1. Remove dust and debris. Dust and other debris accumulating on your keyboard can get into your computer’s vents, causing issues in how your laptop operates. Be sure to clean it regularly.

2. Keep it cool. Overheating is a major problem that can cause a complete melt-down of your hard drive. To prevent overheating, keep your laptop in a cool place and avoid storing it in excessive heat (like your car).

3. Avoid graphic-intense programs. Unless your computer is specifically made for gaming, watching movies or playing games constantly can heat up the graphic chip, which can eventually detach. If you want to use your laptop for gaming, invest in a laptop that’s created for it.

Tips like these will help your computer stay running up to speed as best as possible. If you need a fix, call Gadget Rx at 516-379-7979 today.


Save Your Storage: Tips on Saving your Mobile Data

1921470302Most of us use our phones far past the standard 16 GB of data that comes with your average device these days. So how can you take pictures and videos, download apps, chat on Facebook and use all the other features on your phone without racking up massive charges on your bill? Here are some helpful tips on how to save your mobile data from The Verge.

Delete Local Copies of Photos and Videos

Instead of using your phone’s storage to save your photos and videos, use a photo app like Flickr or Google Photos. Both include auto-upload features that will upload every photo and video you take with your phone, and even better, they’ll automatically organize them.

Stream Your Music

Just like your photos, it’s easy to stream your music instead of storing them on your phone with an app like Spotify. Google offers a great free music service as well, which will upload all of your tracks and allow you to stream them back on a desktop or through an app.

Make Use of Your Browser

It’s hard to believe, but you don’t need an app for everything. Use Google if you need to find the definition of a word or lyrics to a song. Sure, there’s probably an app for it, but you can save money by using your web browser when possible.

Check out more tips on saving your data here!

How To: Back Up and Clear Data before Selling Cell Phones and Tablets

Here at GadgetRx, we are in the business of recycling old phone, laptops, tablets, iPads, and game systems. When we buy our customers old phones, we get a lot of questions about about privacy and security concerns. Because we use technology for just about everything, most of us have quite a bit of personal information on our phones – address, credit card information, passwords, dirty pictures…the list goes on.

Though we always respect the privacy of all our customers, we understand why people are concerned. So before you come sell your old gadget to us, here are a few tips

Back up and Clear Your Data

If your gadget works, it’s very easy to erase all your history and personal information before you sell/trade/recycle. But before you go erasing everything, you want to make sure you data is backed up. While we are happy to help you with this, below are two links that will walk you through it:

iPhone and iPad Back Up

Android Back Up

Now that everything is backed up (we can double check this if you’d like) you want to start getting rid of your personal history.

iPhone Users

For you Iphone users, clearing your data is pretty simple. Once you have backed up your phone, follow these simple steps to erase everything on your phone:

> Click Settings on your home screen 
> General
> Scroll down and click Reset
> Click Erase All Content and Settings and enter password

Once you confirm, your iPhone will show the Apple logo and a progress bar. It can take a few minutes to several hours based on the version of your iPhone and the amount of data you have on it. Make sure you phone is fully charged before you begin this process 


Unlink/Unregister your iPhone:

To be on the safe side, you should unlink and unregister your phone. Programs like Pandora and dropbox are notorious for staying linked even after a users erase all contents and settings.

>Go to: https://supportprofile.apple.com/MySupportProfile.do and log in

>Click Edit Products

>Click on the “X” to the right of any products

>Click Unregister

Android Users

For android users, there is an extra step in the erasing process that many don’t due. Sure, maybe it’s a little overcautious, but the two extra minuets is worth the extra peace of mind. To make sure EVERYTHING is safe, we suggest customers encrypt all of their data. That means that if someone wants to see something that was left on your phone, they will  need your password to access it (iPhones do this automatically)

To encrypt your data, go to:

>Click Settings on your home screen

> Click Security

 >Click Encrypt Device 

 > You also have the option to encrypt your the SD card. Only do this if you plan on selling your sim card along with your phone

android encrypt

*Note* some androids might be a little different. If so, go to youtube and enter: “[phone type] Encrypt data”

Once you have successfully encrypted your phone, perform a factory data reset. This will erase all the data in your phone.

>Click Settings

>Click Back up and Reset

 > Click Factory Data Reset

 >Click Reset Phone

factory data reset