[EASY!] How to Fix a Nintendo 3DS XL Analog Stick

Hey everybody
This is Andrew from GadgetRX and today we’re gonna fix a Nintendo 3DS XL Analog Stick.
Please read this while watching the video to make it really easy.

That’s a pretty easy repair but there’s a couple things you gotta keep in mind and we will show you along the way.

Here’s what you’ll need to get this done

  • First thing to do: take off the backplate.
  • Couple things might be in your way, SD card, your S pen.
  • Make sure you pop all those out, ’cause they may or may not impede your progress.
  • So… backplate pops off pretty easily.
  • Set that aside. Next thing you wanna do, take out your battery.
  • Use your pry tool, pretty straightforward.
  • Then you got your two hidden screws under the little feet.
  • Pop those out with a pair of tweezies and you’re good to go.
  • Now, you’re gonna have to remove one, two, three, four, five, six, seven screws to get this backplate off.
  • Now once you got it off, basically you’re gonna lift from the topside since this is a hinge down here. Not entirely a huge change but there is a little bit of a catch.
  • Now when you lift it off, another thing to keep in mind is that there are connectors inside of here – one and two.
  • Those have to be removed off as a hinge.
  • Once this is open, take your plastic pry tool and pop these both off, and remove away.
  • Pretty straightforward but it is another thing to keep in mind when you are taking it apart.

    Now from here, pretty straightforward.

  • your analog stick’s gonna be right here so it’s
  • just two screws to remove it – one and two.
  • And just set those aside.
  • And then lift off the analog stick.
  • Now as you can see in the video, this one – head’s broken off so it’s pretty straightforward taking it off.
  • Just peel it off with the analog stick, remove the one washer and take the second washer out.

Now sometimes I like to remove the analog stick, you don’t necessarily have to, it just prevents you from tearing this flex cable if you do get a little carried away. So in this instance, I will take it off just to mitigate that risk.

Now when you’re putting in your new analog stick, what you’re gonna need to do is keep in mind that there is a tab here that needs to be inserted first.

  • Now once it’s inserted in this position, you’ll grab it from both the bottom and top with two fingers and kind of rotate it into place and then it’ll just pop in.
  • Once it’s popped in, see it’s kind of free moving.
  • Now the next step is to remember to put this washer back in ’cause it will act as an assistant to help it glide and move around more easily.
  • Now as you see there is a cut in it and that basically makes it easier for you to slip that into that little slot, that cutout.
  • And once you get it in, all it takes is a simple rotation of the washer.
  • I usually like to hold the washer in place and kind of rotate the analog stick in my fingers. You can do it either way.
  • Spin it around and then it’s in place.
  • So now all you gotta do is basically reverse the process of taking it off.
  • Put your analog stick in with the flex cable first.
  • Place your washer on top.
  • Now another key important thing is the alignment of the opening for the analog stick.
  • It is in a vertical position so you have to make sure that the analog stick itself is also in that vertical orientation.
  • And when it is all you do is just put it on, kind of feel around for it. It’s not always gonna be perfect. The washer’s gonna move around a little bit. It takes a little bit of getting used to.
  • You can kind of just line it up and then place it on.
  • And once it’s placed on, put these two screws back into place.
  • Got one and two and now a quick test.

Give it a quick test to see if you have pretty decent movement.

Go ahead and reassemble the unit now, in the reverse order of what we did earlier.

Be sure to put the battery back in for power.

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