Gamer News: Video Games May Boost Brain Power

According to Gizmodo, there’s good news for gamers – studies show that video games may boost your brain power. Read on to find out more!

The media seems to always have new research about the harms of video games – whether that’s deferred you from gaming or not, a new study shows good news for gamers. At the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting, there was a variety of figures on video games and how they benefit the brain.

video-games may boost brain powerAccording to these numbers, there are quite a few more neurological benefits of gaming than we have been led to believe. Experts have attributed this to the increasingly diverse nature of games available, as well as the improved simulation of real-life tasks. Scientists studied the brain patterns of gamers vs. non-gamers while they performed everyday tasks. One example, displayed by a Ruhr University Bochum PhD student asked fifteen gamers and fifteen non-gamers to complete a puzzle that had been specially designed to test someone’s probabilistic learning functions. While the study participants worked on the puzzle, the researcher scanned their brains. The results showed that the gamers not only performed better at the puzzle, but they utilized more complex methods to complete it.

Overall, a variety of studies show that action-centered video games seem to give gamers an edge when it comes to perception, cognitive abilities, vision, decision making and motion tracking. What’s more, the processes involved in playing and succeeding in the increasingly complex video game world helps gamers to learn overall.

This is exciting because if these games can improve the abilities of gamers, they can likely improve the abilities of non-gamers as well, making them an extremely valuable tool that may be used to treat a various of health issues.

This discussion will surely move forward in 2016, but overall, these recent developments give you a great incentive to keep gaming!

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