First Look at Rumored Champagne/Gold iPhone 5S, Compared to 5 and 5C

A newly released video shows a detailed look at Apple’s upcoming “champagne” iPhone 5S along side the current 5 and lower-cost iPhone “5C”. The video, released by AppAdvice, shows a clear comparison of the all but announced champagne 5S and the blue 5C to the already existing iPhone 5.

The original description of the new iPhone 5S color was that of a “gold” finish. The color is now noted as a closer to “champagne” color and is more subdued.

Both the original iPhone 5 and the new 5S share a similar size and are almost identical aside from the dual flash in the new 5S. The rear shell being similar is probably due to the rumors that the 5S will be a replacement for the 5 in Apple’s iPhone line up, even possibly sharing some internal components.

The iPhone 5C is shown in it’s blue hue although it has been seen in other colors. Those so far shown has been red, yellow, green, white and blue. While there has been no showing of a black 5C, it is believed that all of the 5C’s will come with a black face plate and matching black Apple logo on the rear shell. Although it must be noted that the 5C has also been shown with a white front face plate as well.



Both of these devices will get their final unveil at the Apple’s iPhone event in early September.

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