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We are one of the highest rated electronics repair shops on Long Island and we fix all iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Game Consoles, PC's, Macs and much more! Call us at 516-379-7979 or visit our retail location in Merrick Today!


"This is your "go to" place for electronic repairs on the south shore. They do great work quickly for a fair price. Took my IPhone in for screen and battery replacement and it was done in an hour. Nice guys who do great work and won't rip you off. Highly recommended." - RICHARD M

Why you should choose Gadget Rx

Let's compare, if you send your device to Apple, Microsoft, or Sony, you could be spending about twice as much on your iPad, iPhone, PS3 or XBOX repair. In most cases, your gadget will be shipped out the same/next day after the repair is completed, with free return shipping. This ensures you will get your gadget back in half of the time. On top of all of that, we provide personalized customer service and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

How it works, in 2 easy steps.

Step 1. Create an account by selecting your device. Send it to Gadget Rx's Long Island, NY headquarters and be sure to follow the mailing instructions.

Step 2. Our trained technicians will perform a free diagnosis, emailing you the results and the cost for the repair. Once paid, it's fixed and sent back as fast as possible!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
"Outstanding Customer Service."

Questions & Answers

I don't know whats wrong, but it's broken, can you help?
YES. We perform a free diagnosis on all smartphones, tablets, and game consoles to figure out the cause of the problem. Once we know the issue, we will email you a description and the price to complete the repair.

What is the turn around time, and how will I know it is done?
You will receive status updates through email notification and when you sign into your account on our website. When we receive your gadget, we perform a free diagnosis, and then notify you. Once your repair is paid for, your gadget is usually shipped back to you within a day.

What if I don't want to pay to get it fixed?
No problem. After viewing our diagnosis, you have two options if you don't want the repair – have it shipped back to you or sell us your broken gadget.

Still have a question? Call our office at 516-379-7979 and speak to one of our trained technicians.

Let's get your device healthy and happy again